Tammy Shares About Her Favorite Christmas Tradition

Today, I'd like to tell you about our favorite family Christmas tradition.

During the Christmas season, in the evenings, we'll fill our favorite mugs with hot cocoa, cider, or tea.  Then, we gather around the tree- both young and old, and we take turns telling what we are thankful for.

...and you can't cheat and steal someone else's thankfulness- each person has to say something different.  Then, after telling what you're thankful for, you get to choose your favorite Christmas song and everyone joins in.

Sometimes the songs are sweet or joyful, sometimes they are silly and we all get a good giggle, but either way, precious memories are made and we're reminded of all the good things that the Lord has done- even in the hard times.

This Christmas, we hope you will be reminded of the goodness of the Lord, as you Celebrate HIM!

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